If you follow me on instagram you know I take (and post) lots of pictures. I mean A LOT of pictures. I mean I do love my kids and think they are cute but the main reason isn’t so everyone will see my cute kids- its really so I can add all of these cute pictures to my kid’s photo books. About a year or so ago I stumbled upon Chatbooks and have been hooked every since. Chapbooks allows you to customize, create and print photo books in zero time. It’s quick, easy and super affordable. You can “subscribe” and get a photo book every 60 pictures of your instagram feed shipped to you for $8. Or you can do what I do and create your own book whenever you want.

I use Chatbooks to create photo books for our kids.. birth to 1 year, 1 year to 2 years and so on. The really nice thing about Chatbooks is you can search a specific hashtag in your account and it will pull all of the pictures you have posted using that hashtag. The means finding all of my son’s pictures from the past year in no time! If you forgot a picture or two or changed your mind about one you can also easily add or subtract pictures. The date is automatically included (but you can also remove that feature) and the caption is as well (but you can delete it if you want to). It’s such a simple (and did I say easy!) way to create custom photobooks that are an excellent quality.

I HIGHLY recommend Chatbooks. Check it out, use my referral code and get your first book free (6J46PC7V) and then let me know what you think! Enjoy!

*For reference, pictured above are 2 hardcover books of about 350 pages (they are also the two on the far right below). 366 pages is the photo limit for one book. The skinniest book in the center below is about 55 pictures and is the smallest I’ve made so far. 50241956530__186a1199-94dc-46ff-b310-a8f350211793

Updating the Nursery

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 4.40.21 PMWe finally were able to update the girls’ room and get these canvases printed. I’ve been wanting to add these pictures since we first had them taken a week after the girls were born and we finally got it finished. We printed them via They are constantly having a sale and so we took advantage of one of their 80% off sales and ordered these two canvases as well as one other. I noticed when we received them the edges were damaged and had a brown coloring around the corners. I contacted and they sent me new replacement canvases. And I didn’t have to return the damaged ones. I was super happy with their customer service. Another win!

World Market Wins

My husband and I both recently moved into new office space. He moved from our home to an outside office and I moved from one office building to another within my company. As a result we both were in the market for some new office furniture and decor to spice up our space. My go-to whenever shopping for anything furniture related is always Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware (well actually the outlets for both) but this time we decided to take a trip out to World Market and see if we could come across any good finds and boy were we in luck!

For my office we found this Emerson bookcase and accessories as well as the Erin Cute-as-a-Button loveseat (notice the buttons!) I can’t handle it – I love them both so much! I’ve also gotten numerous compliments on them. I love how the bookshelf has an industrial, Restoration Hardware type feel but at a fraction of the cost. Such great finds at great prices (their furniture sale this weekend certainly helped!) And 10% off your entire purchase for all World Market Explorers (their membership discount). The only downside.. that these cute pieces weren’t going in our home! Guess i’ll have to settle for staring at them every day in my office instead :).

IMG_2142  Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 7.32.11 PM

Also pictured:

Hanging Picture Frame

image-5I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE pictures. I have pictures all over our house. Honestly I don’t think I know how to decorate without pictures. One of my favorite pieces in our home is this gem which I found on Etsy. It’s the perfect combination of style, functionality and a great way to display lots of pictures (and invitations) without one of those ugly collage picture frames. I’ve found that printing off your Instagram pictures works well so you have the perfect size picture without your frame being overloaded. I love Printstagram for printing all of my Instagram photos. $12 for 24 square pictures mailed directly to your home. Love it!

Established in 2011

I love personalized items, especially when decorating our home. I love using monograms and initials and am a big fan of rustic items. One of my favorite pieces is this burlap sign hanging on one of our walls in our entry way. Another Etsy find in a Pottery Barn frame, it reminds of me of where we began and everything we journeyed through since then. It reminds me of our beginning and makes me even more excited about our future. We are the Harvey family, established in 2011, and looking forward to years and years to come.

Front Door Decor

imageNow that our son is officially 2 months old I decided it was time to take down our “It’s A Boy” wreath from our front door and put back up my Spring/Summer wreath which I purchased last Spring. I love this particular wreath purchased from ChicWreath on Etsy. I’ve gotten so many compliments on this wreath as well as so many people asking, “Did you make this!?” Of course not. 🙂  I love having personalized items for our home but I don’t want to (or really have time to) take the time to figure out how to make them myself. Which is why I absolutely love Etsy. So many beautiful, creative, fun and helpful things to choose from that someone else wants to make for me! Perfection!