Burp Cloths & Bibs

I love handmade baby accessories. Love, love them! 🙂 One of my favorites is from my dear friend Jenn who has her own Etsy Shop for lots of fun baby accessories- my favorites are her burp cloths and bibs.. so many cute patterns, especially for boys which I feel like is hard to find sometimes.  As you can tell I love her stuff, so stop by her shop and check it out.

Hanging Picture Frame

image-5I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE pictures. I have pictures all over our house. Honestly I don’t think I know how to decorate without pictures. One of my favorite pieces in our home is this gem which I found on Etsy. It’s the perfect combination of style, functionality and a great way to display lots of pictures (and invitations) without one of those ugly collage picture frames. I’ve found that printing off your Instagram pictures works well so you have the perfect size picture without your frame being overloaded. I love Printstagram for printing all of my Instagram photos. $12 for 24 square pictures mailed directly to your home. Love it!

Established in 2011

I love personalized items, especially when decorating our home. I love using monograms and initials and am a big fan of rustic items. One of my favorite pieces is this burlap sign hanging on one of our walls in our entry way. Another Etsy find in a Pottery Barn frame, it reminds of me of where we began and everything we journeyed through since then. It reminds me of our beginning and makes me even more excited about our future. We are the Harvey family, established in 2011, and looking forward to years and years to come.

Front Door Decor

imageNow that our son is officially 2 months old I decided it was time to take down our “It’s A Boy” wreath from our front door and put back up my Spring/Summer wreath which I purchased last Spring. I love this particular wreath purchased from ChicWreath on Etsy. I’ve gotten so many compliments on this wreath as well as so many people asking, “Did you make this!?” Of course not. 🙂  I love having personalized items for our home but I don’t want to (or really have time to) take the time to figure out how to make them myself. Which is why I absolutely love Etsy. So many beautiful, creative, fun and helpful things to choose from that someone else wants to make for me! Perfection!