It’s a FIX!

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 I’ve received a lot of compliments lately on some of the newest additions to my wardrobe and they are all thanks to StitchFix. After gaining 60b with our twin girls and then still working on getting it all off I’ve gone from maternity clothes to needing to buy some very Large clothes to finally getting closer to that pre-pregnancy weight I’ve had my eye on for months now. Unfortunately even though I’m within about 10 pounds of my goal weight I’m no where near fitting into a lot of my old clothes. My body shape has completely changed which has become beyond frustrating. And with 3 kids under 3 years the last thing I want to do is take them all clothes shopping with me, and with limited time with my whole family on the weekends I don’t want to spend hours upon hours on a Saturday shopping solo either. So the answer – StitchFix.

StitchFix is the perfect solution to adding to your wardrobe from the comfort of your home. It’s $20 per shipment (which can be delivered as often as you’d like) and then that $20 goes to the purchase of any item you decide to keep. So worst case if you hate everything you lose $20 but as you’ll see below I liked at least one thing in each of my fixes so far and so I didn’t lose any of the initial $20 payments.

1st Fix: I kept one long sleeve green blouse perfect for work.

2nd Fix: I kept a pair of Mavi skinny jeans which are my new favorites and some Steve Madden gladiator sandals and an orange blouse for work. 

3rd Fix: A yellow tank and navy floral blouse that can go over it as well as a teal blouse perfect for work. 

4th Fix: Everything! A navy blazer, 2 tank blouses with navy accents, a jacket and maroon long sleeve top.* 

*4th times a FIX! The 4th box I’ve received was the 1st time I kept all 5 items and enjoyed the 25% off discount off my entire box. Totally worth it and absolutely LOVE updating my wardrobe from the comfort of my bedroom.

If you have questions let me now! If you’re ready for your first FIX use my referral link: #stitchfix