Bathing Twins

IMG_0493Recently another twin mom asked me how I bathe the girls when I’m by myself. It’s a pretty simple process but it is still a process and was one another twin mom had to teach me in order for me to successfully handle bath time with both girls by myself.

There are a couple things you need for this method:

  • Baby Bath sponges like THESE
  • At least one bouncy seat (two makes it even easier but I don’t like having two bouncy seats in our bathroom at all times)
  • Two towels

To get started I fill the tub with warm water a couple inches high and place the bath sponges in the water and place a towel on the bouncy seat. Then I strip down both babies to their diapers. I place baby A in the bouncy seat with her diaper on. Then I take baby B and take off her diaper and lay her on a sponge in the water. I then remove baby A’s diaper and put her on a sponge.

I was them both back and forth continuing to cover them with warm water starting from their head to their toes. Once they are clean I take baby A out and place her in the bouncy seat with the towel and wrap her up and leave her in the seat. Then I grab the second towel and take out baby B. At this point you could lay her in a second bouncy seat but I take her to the bed and then go back and grab baby A. They both then get diapers and pjs.

And that’s how you bathe twins on your own 🙂 Anyone else have any other bath time tips?

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