Getting Ready for Weekday

It’s time for another transition for the girls. As soon as we get used to one routine its time to change again. I go back to work in January and so its time to start getting the girls on a schedule that will work for them being at weekday (my work’s daycare program) and traveling back and forth each morning and afternoon.

The girls have also not been very hungry every 3 hours and are still really sleepy when its time to wake them up to eat and so I decided they could definitely go longer than 3 hours for each feeding. Ideally I would move them to a 3.5 hour schedule next but with driving to and from work and pick up at weekday that schedule just won’t work for our family. So yesterday they turned 10 weeks old and today I started them on a 4 hour schedule to see how things go.

Here is our new schedule:

6AM- EAT 5.5-6 oz
7AM- Nap at home, then in the car and drop off at daycare by 9am
11:30AM-2PM – NAP at daycare (swaddled in a Woombie)
3-4:30PM- NAP at daycare, I pick them up at 4:30, ideally they will nap in the car and at home
7PM-8:30PM NAP
8:30PM- BATH
9PM* – EAT

*Definitely hoping to drop this last feeding eventually, especially once the girls start solids and are getting enough calories during the day.

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