Diaper Diaries for Twins

So with our first child I tracked the size and number of diapers we used each month. With the girls we are definitely flying through diapers MUCH faster! And so far staying in smaller sizes a lot longer.. Obviously size depends on the weight your little one is born. Our girls were 5 lb 5 oz and 5 lb oz when they were born. Here is my running list of our diaper diaries 🙂

Diapers by Size:
Size N (Our girls: 0-6 weeks)
Pampers Size: Up to 10 lb.
(5lb 5 oz and 5lb 1 oz – 7lb 13 oz and 7lb 12 oz)
Total: 942 newborn diapers for the first 6 weeks

Size 1 (Our girls: 6 weeks – 14 weeks)
Pampers Size: 8-14 lb.
(Roughly 8-13lb)
Total: 980 size 1 diapers

Size 2 (Our girls 14 weeks – 24 weeks)
Pampers Size: 12-18 lb
(Roughly 13-15lb)
Total: 1106 size 2 diapers

Size 3 (Our girls: 24 weeks- ?)
Pampers Size: 16-28 lb
(Roughly 15lb- ?)
Total: ?

Diapers by Month:
1st month: 657 diapers (newborn)
2nd month: 550 diapers (newborn and size 1)
3rd month: 581 diapers (size 1)
4th month: 533 diapers (size 1 and size 2)
5th month: 486 diapers (size 2)
6th month: 221 and counting… (size 2 and size 3)

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