IMG_856112088561_10101480880465599_5880826435607904315_nIntroducing… our beautiful baby girls! Born Thursday, October 1, 2015.

Sloane Anne Harvey
10:05am, 5lb 5 oz, 19in long

Maisie Lynne Harvey
10:06am, 5lb 1oz, 18 in long

They were born via planned c-section (post coming soon on the ins and outs of c-sections). Sloane was “grunting” after she was born and so after a quick introduction she was taken to the “Transition Nursery” which is the level between being in the room with you but not serious enough to admit into the Special Care Nursery (NICU) of the hospital. KH followed her as Maisie and I headed to recovery. After being in recovery almost the full hour, our sweet Maisie started “grunting” as well and had a low glucose (blood sugar test) and so she too was taken to the Transition Nursery. It was quite a wild ride. I was wheeled up to my room, after delivering two babies, and found myself alone which was a completely heart breaking experience as I wanted nothing more than for our sweet family to be all together.

A lot of different things happened (many of which are hard to remember at this point) but eventually Maisie came to join us in our room later day followed by Sloane. I was overjoyed. We spent one night all together in our room until the next morning when Maisie failed a couple of her glucose tests and she was admitted to the Special Care Nursery.

We spent the next several days going back and forth between our room and taking care ofScreen Shot 2015-10-09 at 11.21.14 PM Sloane, and the Special Care Nursery where we could visit Maisie. I wanted nothing more than for our family to be together! One comfort was found in one of our friends and neighbors who is a nurse in the Special Care Nursery. She took care of Maisie all day on Saturday and kept us updated on how she was doing. Maisie was eating well but it was zapping all of her energy so she eventually was put on a feeding tube. Lauren was the first to get her to drink out a bottle but then the following feeding was completely by tube again.

KH, Sloane and I were discharged on Sunday and sadly had to leave Maisie behind. KH and I spent the next couple of days going back and forth visiting Maisie during the day and then heading back to the hospital after Sloane’s 9pm feeding and visiting with her until close to midnight. Each day she was getting stronger and stronger and was eating less and less from the feeding tube.

On Tuesday we went to the hospital to visit Maisie and to our surprise we found out that not only would Maisie be going home- she would be going home with us immediately! We were expecting later that week so it was a complete and wonderful surprise to be able to pack up and get her home so quickly.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 11.18.22 PMAnd so we made it home and surprised my mom, who was there watching our little man, and we walked up with BOTH babies and finally got our picture of 5 (6 with Toby!)

It’s crazy how recent it all was but how quickly everything is meshing toward and becoming a blur. We feel overjoyed and blessed to have our sweet daughters home together with us. Let the fun begin!



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