Baby’s Weekend Away

This weekend both my husband and I are going out of town and our little man is staying with his grandparents overnight for a couple days for the first time! I think it will be a great weekend for all of us. In order to get ready to go I’ve had to think through not only packing for myself (and our dog who will also accompany our little man to grandma and grandpa’s) but our sweet boy as well. Here’s my recommended winter packing list for baby (he is currently 9 months- and yes, I think this list definitely varies depending on age). Ok Mamas out there.. any “must haves” I’m missing?
  • 2 tops and bottoms per day (preparing for blow outs, spit ups and spills)
  • 1 pair of socks per day
  • 1 set of pajamas per day plus one extra
  • 1 outdoor outfit (one piece fur set with hood for play time outdoors)
  • 1 hat
  • 1 – 2 coats
  • Formula (don’t forget to tell them how much!)
  • Probiotic packets
  • Solids (enough for 3/day)
  • Spoons (1 per day)
  • Bibs (6) –  cloth- to use with bottles
  • Bibs – plastic – to use with baby food
  • Bottles (enough for 1.5 days – they can be washed and reused while there)
  • High chair (the small travel one that straps on a chair or your kitchen counter)
  • Printed schedule (feeding times, naps, etc)
  • Sound machine
  • Monitor and plugs (don’t forget both the camera and the monitor pieces)
  • Sleepsack
  • Bedtime paci
  • Bedtime “lovely”/blanket
  • Diapers
  • Shampoo
  • A&D ointment (if he gets diaper rash)
  • Baby Tylenol
  • Changing pads x 2
  • Blanket
  • Additional Pacis
  • Small toys
  • Musical toys
  • Soft books
  • Carseat
  • Base
  • Stroller

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