Diaper Rash Remedies

For the last couple of weeks our little man had a rough case of diarrhea which caused an even rougher outbreak of diaper rash. We tried Aquaphor, Desitin, Desitin maximum strength and Butt Paste and nothing seemed to be working. I finally resorted to calling in the “moms” for help- one of my Facebook groups of neighborhood mom friends. Here are their recommendations for diaper rash:

  • Tori: “A&D ointment will start to heal it in a couple of hours!!! The same thing happened to my baby and we ended up changing his formula…..but his bottom was so raw it was bleeding! Also try using a wet paper towel very gently … Sometimes the wipes can make it worse. And warm baths help too! We also put him down for a nap on his tummy and kept his diaper open so it could air dry. The moisture in the diaper doesn’t help the situation either.
  • Sarah: “We used a concoction of Desitin, LotriminAF, and Neosporin. Equal amounts. Definitely recommend. I prefer the maximum “rapid relief” Desitin, and if that doesn’t work, this is our miracle spread. If diarrhea starts, we try and start aquaphor to prevent a bad rash.
  • Emily: “Coconut oil is my go-to for just about everything, including diaper rash. It’s antibacterial and anti fungal. It’s also inexpensive and can be used for many more things other than diaper rash treatment.

In the end we ended up trying A&D ointment (specifically for treatment of diaper rash – there is more than one kind) and it finally worked! I also tried letting him “air out” a little after wiping and before applying the ointment. We also did a couple 20 minutes sessions of him laying on a towel and completely airing out. Result = Success!

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