3 Month Clothes Don’t Fit 3 Month Olds

IMG_2068One thing I’ve learned as a new mom is that its tempting to buy clothes in advance for your little one but its probably best to wait to do so. Having a 10 week old who is in the 50th percentile for height and weight I was surprised that at 2.5 months not only did his 3 month clothes barely fit him but that the 6 month clothes fit him perfectly and everyone I talked to had experienced the same thing. Most 2.5-3 month olds (in my opinion) are in fact not wearing 3 month clothes but 6 month.. and thats the case for pretty much every brand out there.  In addition to the sizing being completely off I’ve also learned that like my own clothing I definitely favor some brands over others.. Here is my review on everything you need to know when purchasing baby clothes:


  • PRO: Mostly cute, good quality at pretty good prices. They are always having a sale and there always seems to be a surplus of coupons available for their clothing.
  • CON: Their clothes are EVERYWHERE. Which can be a good thing- easy access, however it also means pretty much every other kid out there is wearing the exact same clothes and if you want your kid to have his or her own unique style, and look different than all the other kids at daycare, then Carters isn’t the place for you. Another downside to Carters is their designs. They’ve gotten better and started offering stripes and solids and even plaid in their onesies and collar shirts. They are getting better, however I can’t tell you the number of clothes I returned that had some sort of large animal on the bottom and across the front. Sorry Carters- I do not want my son to look like a large crab. Its not cute.  In short, they have a lot of great stuff to get you started but I definitely wouldn’t stock your child’s full wardrobe with their clothing.


  • PRO: This is Target’s brand of clothing. Good quality at good prices and some cute designs/patterns for your little one.
  • CON: Not a huge selection- especially for babies. Target.com has a much larger selection than in the store so figure out what size you need and then order online. If you have a Target Red Card you’ll get 5% off your order and free shipping. Can’t beat that.


  • PRO: Much better quality clothing than all the others at slightly higher prices. Thick cotton and cuter designs for your little man to give him the preppy look you desire. Sizing runs slightly larger than the other brands. In my experience more money = more and higher quality fabric when it comes to baby clothes.
  • CON: Higher priced then some of the other brands but Gap Outlet is a great alternative.


  • PRO: Cheap prices.
  • CON: Their clothes are very thin and poor quality and the patterns and styles really aren’t that cute. Stereotypical: “you get what you pay for.”


  • PRO: Good prices, cute designs and pretty good quality.
  • CON: Runs VERY small. If you buy 6 month in ever other brand you need 9 month in Koala. Sizing is way off.


  • PRO: Similar to Carters (and part of the same company). Good quality at good prices, especially if you visit them at an outlet. They seem to have more of the “preppy” look and stay away from the large animal prints that Carters is known for.
  • CON: Small selection, even in their own stores the pickings seem slim.

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