Diaper Bag Checklist (3 Months and Under)

imageThe task of packing a diaper bag for the first time may seem easy but you can also go a little overboard.. Here is everything you need for your little man at 3 months and younger:

  • Diapers (for as long as you are going to be gone. i.e. You don’t need 10 diapers when leaving for an hour)
  • Gauze and vaseline for your little man post circumcision (only in the very early days)
  • Wipes
  • Changing pad (most diaper bags come with one)
  • Nursing cover (if applicable)
  • Bottle (if applicable)
  • Burp cloth
  • Bib
  • Pacifier
  • Extra outfit (yes you will need this- make sure its an outfit you actually like)
  • Blanket (regardless of what season it is – air conditioned stores can get pretty¬†cold for your little one, so can the freezer section of your local grocery store!)
  • Coupon holder (for the tons and tons of coupons you will get in the mail and that you will want to keep readily available for purchases when needed)
  • Bag for dirty clothes and/or diapers if there isn’t a trash can around (grocery bags will work or you can buy the ones at the baby store. I’ve also been known to use our dog’s poop bag a time or too- hey, if its plastic then its good enough for me.)


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